20 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging can be overwhelming especially in the beginning when you have no clue what to write about or where to go after you have written your 1st blog post. And building traffic takes time and work, but the KEY is to be consist and don’t give up! These 20 ways can help you get more traffic to your site in no time!

20 killer tips to driving more traffic to your site

  1. Share your content on Facebook, and ask friends and family to share it on their page as well. You can also join group boards on here as well to share your content on.
  2. Blog consistently.
  3. Get on Pinterest and create great pin’s  about your blog and join group boards.
  4. Deliver killer content.
  5. Guest post on someone else’s blog.
  6. Respond to comments and emails. Get involved in people’s lives. Show them you care.
  7. Write attractive headlines.
  8. Use photos.
  9. Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
  10. Organize your posts with lists and subheads.
  11. Be a resource.
  12. Write stuff people will want to link to.
  13. Be Helpful, people like to read things that can help them or solve a problem if you can do this then they will tell more than 1 person about your blog or site.
  14. Be Funny.
  15. Ask questions, see what their biggest issue is or obstacle and answer it on a blog post.
  16. Make a podcast, talking is a lot faster than typing this is also good for when your low on time.
  17. Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
  18. Optimize your site for search engines.
  19. Have internal links to other related blog posts.
  20. Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.

We all as bloggers get stuck at times and need help especially if your a new blogger! I hope these 20 powerful tips on getting more traffic to your blog help you like they have helped me.

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