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50 Useful and Quick Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas

By My Collage Blog | Aug 29, 2019

Back to school for the kids has officially started! With these useful and quick lunch ideas packing lunches will be smother than ever. These 50 kid friendly lunch items will help you and your kids pick and choose the perfect lunch for each day of the week! Lunch Prep Tips: If your kids are old…

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12 Amazing Tips on Getting Your Kids Up and to School on Time

By My Collage Blog | Jul 31, 2019

As summer is ending and those school mornings are drawing nearer and nearer. The thought of rushing out the door to make it to school and work on time, or  the whining that they aren’t getting to wear their favorite night shirt to school , or arguing with them about what they can and can’t…

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50 Activities Kids Can Do During The Summer

By My Collage Blog | Jun 27, 2019

Well, school is out and summer is here. . . It’s that time to find things to keep the kids busy so they aren’t stuck in front of the TV or telling you “I’m Bored”!!! So I put together this list of 50 different activities for the kids and you to do together so everyone can…

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How To Influence Your Child To Be Self-Motivated

By My Collage Blog | Apr 23, 2019

Trying to motivate your child can be very hard but the truth is that your attempts to motivate your child can be working against you. You can’t make your child care just because you do, there’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about your child’s motivation in something than your child does.…

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The Signs My Child Is Being Bullied ?

By My Collage Blog | Mar 27, 2019

What happens to kids during childhood shapes who they become. Bullying can have lasting physical, mental, and emotional effects on children that can stay with them into their adult years. Here are some signs that your child may be experiencing if being bullied or signs that your child is the bully. Being Bullied If you…

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How Much is Enough When it Comes our Kids and Their Phones?

By My Collage Blog | Mar 16, 2019

Well as for me I have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter and for those of you that have a 12-year-old rather it be a boy, or a girl know it goes at this age. And if you have little ones now just wait until that “pre-teen” age comes.  Currently, it seems every child has a phone. …

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