How Much is Enough When it Comes our Kids and Their Phones?

Well as for me I have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter and for those of you that have a 12-year-old rather it be a boy, or a girl know it goes at this age. And if you have little ones now just wait until that “pre-teen” age comes.  Currently, it seems every child has a phone.  And being able to make sure that they are doing the right things on the phone are BIG concerns for a lot of parents especially when they are bigger in age. I am always worried if my daughter is making the right choices as far as friends and texting. So, I have done some research to help all the parents out there that are just like me and want to know their child is making all the right choices on there phone.

Apple Phones Shared Family  

On the new model apple phones 6 and up I believe, “I could be wrong” there is Family Sharing and you can add your child to your iCloud and set screen time to there phone which is pretty neat if you want to cut off the internet at certain times of the day and you can also filter what your child sees as far as music, movies, apps, games they can download. It can also send the pictures they are taking with the phone and all the recent photos they have. This is a good FREE thing when your child is smaller in age. But the one thing I didn’t see it had was screening text messages from your phone “the parent’s device” and being able to screen their phone log “who they are talking to when you’re not around”.

What’s on the web

But I did find apps that you can pay for like Safer Kid where you pay a monthly fee of 14.99 and you can see text message history, web browsing history, and learning of apps that are a concern. Another one I found was called Bark this site helps parents monitor text messages, social media, email, and gives you alerts when it notices potential issues. Bark is only 9.99 a month and says its great for the whole family.

And if any of you are like me trying to search everywhere on the web to find something FREE here is what I found!

For Apple Phones-

1: Get physical access to your child’s iPhone device and tap on “Settings

2: Swipe down to choose “Messages” option by hitting on it.

3: Now, you must click on the “Send & Receive” under the messages.

4: After that, you must tap on the “Add another Email” and enter your Email address.

5: Once the above process successfully completed, switch to your device to view every single text message that is sent and received on your Child’s device.

For Android Phones-

Register and Select OS System

Open FoneMonitor official website in the web browser. Click on Sign up to open create FoneMonitor account page. After that, you must enter create and FoneMonitor account details such as Email ID and password. At setup wizard, enter target device owner name, age, and select the mobile operating system.

Complete the Setup and  physical access to the target Android device and download FoneMonitor app.

Enable the unknown sources in order to install an app from other sources. Enable it by tapping on “Settings” > “Security” > “Unknown sources” to enable.

Install the app on the target Android device and open it by tapping on its icon. Open the app and enter FoneMonitor account details.

Well I hope this has been helpful, us as parents gotta do what we gotta do to keep our children safe! Before we know it they will be all grown up and our “tracking days” will be in the past: )

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  1. Cindy Gonzalez on March 16, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Wonderful information that parents should heed to.

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