How To Turn Your Blog Into A Thriving Business

Are you looking for ways to turn your blog into a thriving business? These 10 steps are the best ways to creating a successful and profitable blog.  

1.Blog Consistently– publish a post every week. Stay consistent keep in touch with readers every week, either through a new post, video or tips to my subscribers.

2.What problem are you solving? – when you’re starting a blog make sure you know What problem you are solving? Make sure that you know who your audience is and what you’re providing for them. And how are you helping them?

3.Grow your email list –  grow your email list from day one. It will be slow in the beginning and it can get overwhelming but stay positive! Trying different freebies to get people to sign up to your email list this could be a PDF that helps solve your reader’s main problems quickly. For example, a worksheet to help your reader on how to save money or a checklist on signs your child is being bullied or IS the bully. These types of freebies are used as incentives, so people give their email address to you. When you have enough people in your email list you can ask them directly what they are struggling with and how you can help them.

Creating a Printable / worksheet like these and promoting them so people will subscribe to your email list.

4. Create a product– When you have 3 or 4 blog posts and when you see your email list starting to grow. Talking to your subscribers and asking them what would make their life better. From their feedback, that’s how you know what type of product to create. You can start with a small eBook that you can charge 15.00 – 20.00 dollars for. Something that will help your reader in solving their main problem step by step. If your eBook does really good, make it into a course.

5. Valuable Information- If the information you post is very useful content then the more readers you will attract and it’s also more likely they will become regular readers.

6. Asking for and Respond to Comments- Ask your readers to share their opinions in your comments on your post. And when they say something even if it’s not the same viewpoint as your own, respond to their comments and at least acknowledging them.

7. Make it simple to Subscribe- putting your subscription options in an easy place to find. Having a pop up or putting it at the end of your blog post or in the side bar. Places that stand out to the reader, if they can’t see it then, how can they subscribe?

8. Promote and Share you’re blog posts – Sharing links to your blog in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest are great ways to promote your posts. You can also send a weekly newsletter to your email list and tell them at the end of your email what is coming up next week so they know what to look forward to. Also encourage people to click through your website for other great content you have along with your new post.

9. Make money from affiliate marketing- Amazon affiliate is one that I use, If you  promote products from Amazon, make sure that they are high quality and helpful to your audience. Make sure you are also picking affiliates that will help your reader. Others you can try are Click Bank , CJ affiliate.

10. Stay patient, Stay positive, Stay passionate- The most important thing to remember when you’re at the early stages of blogging is to stay positive. It is very easy to get discouraged when it seems like nothing is working that you are doing, it will trust me it will.  And be patient with all the hard work you’re doing everyday, it will pay off in the end and you will be able to work from home doing what you love and are passionate about – blogging !

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