How to Maintain Weight Loss

While losing weight is difficult for many people, it can be even more challenging to keep the weight off. And just like losing the weight takes a lot of commitment so does maintaining it. Want to learn how to maintain all that weight you just lost; these 6 things will keep you on the right track to maintaining your weight loss.  

Measure your Portions

Stress can play a big role in weight gain, which is why it’s very important to be aware of why you’re eating at any given time. Eating sensible portions, and always using measuring cups and spoons. Another good thing to do is use a scale to weigh out your fish and chicken this helps to know if the size is a good portion size which is 150 grams. Memorize these portion control sizes for easy weight loss.

Shut Down Emotional Eating

Most people hide or just ignore the fact that their relationship with food is not the healthiest, which can easily lead to an expanded waistline. Trying your best to AVOID processed foods and red meats all together and mainly sticking to whole foods is the healthiest choice for maintaining your weight. Another BIG thing is only eat when you are hungry; eating if you’re not hungry is basically emotional eating. Try to keep your mind busy so you don’t think about eating, a good thing to do is go and exercise for at least an hour. It can be anything to get your heart rate UP like fast walking, biking, swimming, running and doing your favorite workout five to six times a week.

Commit to a New Lifestyle

It’s easy to start a diet. The hard part is making those healthy changes into a permanent part of your lifestyle. A great way commit to a new lifestyle change is to plan ways to incorporate the changes into the structure of your daily routine. Here is an example, meal planning for the week and grocery lists create structure around nutritional changes. If your goal is exercise-related setting a reoccurring schedule is a structure that creates consistency. Planning your schedule so that it is predictable sets you up for success. Over time using structure makes the changes become second nature.

Find a Workout that you Love Doing

 You must find a workout you enjoy in order to make physical fitness a lifelong habit.  At first you can mix it up and try different activities until you find something you like. There are many different exercise routines you can follow or activities to try. If you don’t like lifting weights or running, try sports like, martial arts, kick boxing, spin classes or dancing. Don’t assume that exercise needs to just be lifting weights or jogging thinking this can limit you from finding something you would truly enjoy.

Use Technology to Help You Maintain Weight Loss

Technology can be our greatest weight loss ally without having to step one foot in the gym or paying for a nutritionist to help you manage you food intake. Apps such as MyFitnessPal can help track your meals and activity levels throughout the day, increasing motivation and accountability. The app is free and available on iOS and Android. The Nike+ Training Club app is one of the best because it offers more than 100 free guided workout videos for beginners all the way up to seasoned vets. The app also offers four-week training programs at a variety of fitness levels for getting lean, more toned, or stronger. Nike Training Club is free on Android and iOS.

Have a Good Support Network

Maintaining your weight after loss requires a good support network. Health coaches are a great way to get individual support and accountability. Groups provide support by bringing together people who are motivated to make the same changes. Many health-related groups are conducted through social media making support for basically any lifestyle goal extremely accessible. Individual and group health programs work because they support, inspire, and bring an accountability factor in ways that we cannot sustain by ourselves.

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