How To Influence Your Child To Be Self-Motivated

Trying to motivate your child can be very hard but the truth is that your attempts to motivate your child can be working against you. You can’t make your child care just because you do, there’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about your child’s motivation in something than your child does. The worse thing about the push / pull of trying to motivate your child is the strain this can cause in the relationship. These steps can help you influence your child to be self- motivated.

Ways to help your child be Self- Motivated

Be inspiring towards your child, was there ever someone in your own life who inspired you ? Think of how you got inspired and work towards those goals with your child. Taking a different approach on trying to “make your child motivated” and not pushing your child to motivation.

 Let your child choose their own dreams and goals without intervening. Try not to micromanage and letting your child work independently, let them ask you for help. As a parent, we are always looking for ways to help our children for the better that sometimes we forget what it was like to be a child our self’s.

Asking yourself these questions:

• What is motivating to my child?
• How can I tell what my child really wants?
• Is there any questions can I ask that will help my child discover their interests?
• What are my child’s goals ?

Talking to your child to find the answers to the questions above. And listen to what your child has to say, they may not be what you wanted the answers to be but you need to  respect your child’s answers, even if you don’t agree. The goal is to influence and strengthen your child’s skills in defining what’s important.

I found the Book The Self -Driven Child on Amazon gives you a lot of good answers on helping you motivate your child and letting them have control on there lives.


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