The TRUTH About Fake Eyelashes

Lets face it, we all want those thick luscious eyelashes. And some of us will do whatever we can for the illusion fake eyelashes create. These are some of the truths to glue on lashes and what’s better for you to use to still get those thick luscious lashes!

Glue On Lashes

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 Eyelash glue can be damaging to your natural lashes and can cause them to fall out or, be pulled out. This type of damage is not permanent and your natural eyelashes will start to grow back within six to eight weeks. If your not careful you could get an infection from bacteria that can collect under the eyelash glue and on the fake lashes. Eye infections like conjunctivitis or sty’s can occur when not removing the eyelashes daily and cleaning your eye lids thoroughly after each use.

This New Thing Called Magnetic Lashes

If your wanting to try a glue free, much easier way to get those sexy eyes. Then look no further than magnetic lashes, these are 100 times saver than glue lashes and wont damage your natural lashes. How do magnetic false lashes work? There two strips that are labeled “top” and “bottom.” Each lash has tiny magnets along the bases of them, which hold the pair of lashes together to sandwich around the natural lash. You also want to make sure you’re applying them correctly. ( Practice makes perfect, may take you 1 or 2 times at first to get the hang of it.) Removal is also important, “Make sure NOT to pull or yank  the magnetic lashes off. You can easily remove them by gently lifting the top lash up and the bottom lash down.”

 So if you’re looking for the next GREAT beauty trend, then magnetic lashes are actually the best option for keeping your natural lashes beautiful and healthy while giving your eyes that POP !

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