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How To Create Printables and Freebies on PowerPoint

What are Printables?

Printables are mostly known as digital paper files. Most of the time they are in a PDF format and contain pretty images, lists or quotes.

What are Popular Types of Printables?

Popular types of printables are:

  1. Calendars
  2. Checklists
  3. Coloring Pages
  4. Activity Pages
  5. Quick Tutorials
  6. Reference Guide

How to Make Printables – The Detailed Process

Here is the step by step process to make a printable or freebie on PowerPoint to help you grow your email list or help your earn money by selling them on your website.

Once on PowerPoint you are going to want to change the slide size go to DESIGN – SLIDE SIZE – CUSTOM SLIDE SIZE – the ORENTATION  should be set to PORTAIT – then set it to CUSTOM then press OK .
Then click MAXIMIZE
Your slide will look like this after, always put the name of your site at the bottom so people will remember where they got your printable from. The top will be where you put your title.
To get to SMARTART go to INSERT then SMARTART. Here you can choose what type of graph you want your printable to look like.
Below is what will come up, it is always easier if you have everything in a Word document all you have to do is copy and paste into the little size box where it says “TEXT”.
You can change the colors of the boxes so they don’t look boring and dull! You want them to stand OUT! To change the colors go to DESIGN- COLORS- CUSTOMIZE COLORS. Then from there change your colors to what you like, save it as your blog colors or something you will remember. After that the box will close, go back up to DESIGN at the top and a drop down box will appear with all your colors you just picked.
If you want to play around with SMART ART and see if you like any other theme then go to DESIGN at the top and you will see LAYOUTS, just run your mouse over each one to see what you like best. Here are 3 different layouts I did just to show you how they look different ways.
Once you have chosen the perfect one Copy and Paste it into a new slide. Here you can use SHAPES  and the TEXT BOX  to promote your printable on your website and social media. This is a great way to get people to sign up for your email list.
To see what mine looks like on my site CLICK HERE

Make a subscription box to make it easier for them to sign up to get your freebie/ printable. Sign up for all these awesome printables below !
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Examples of Successful Printables

The Llama Printable

The Teacher Binder

The Recipe Binder

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Beginners Guide To: Building your Email List

Are you asking yourself what is a email list and why do I need it when starting a blog? Well Starting and building your email list is one of the most important things you can do when starting your blog. And this is where people who like your site enough to sign up and give you their email address. Your mail list are your future customers, your future friends, and potentially future blogging partners. In this beginners guide I will tell you all the ways to build your email list. So let’s jump right in!

How Often Do You Email Your Mail List?

Check in on them weekly, send them amazing advice and tips, help them, educate them, send them gifts. Then when you ask for a favor (or sell your product) they will already have a relationship with you and help you.

When Do You Start Emailing Your List?

If you only have ten people on your email list, still reach out to them! Send them a quick welcome email. Ask them how they found your site. Ask them how you can help them. Even if you get one response, you’ll start to build a relationship with that one person.

You have a Gmail account to send emails ? That will work in the beginning to send email’s to your list. Just remember to BCC the email addresses when you send an email to a large list (this hides the emails from everyone on the list). You don’t want everyone’s email to be visible.

What Can you use Besides Gmail to Email Your List?


Mailchimp and Convertkit are two of my favorites, but they both can do different things. Mailchimp you can bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform. It is FREE until you get 2,000 subscribers.


With Convertkit Make a living doing work you love. Grow your audience to grow your income Your email list is your biggest asset. With Convert Kit, it’s easy to customize and embed forms on your website to turn casual readers into subscribers. Don’t have a website? You can build a landing page to start growing your list today. Increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal Our visual automations tool makes email marketing simple. With your funnels laid out on the screen you will always know where your subscribers are and can start to understand how they act. We connect to the best tools to help you build your business We focus on being the best at email marketing and then build great integrations with e-commerce, landing page, membership site providers, and more. And with over 80 integrations, you’re sure to find the right tools for your business.

Examples of Emails you can Send to your Readers

  • Optins
  • An email course
  • Your newest blog post
  • A welcome series
  • Weekly tip
  • Survey or just a personal email with a few questions

Optin and Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Opt-ins, are also known as freebies or lead magnets, act as little gifts in exchange for the reader to subscribe to your email list.

Below is a list of different types of optin you can give to your reader in exchange for their email address.

  • Cheat sheet
  • How to video
  • Short ebook
  • Printables
  • Checklist
  • Calendar
  • Spreadsheets
  • Coupon

Get access below to receive these 10 printables.

How To Grow Your Email List

Silver Macbook Pro
  • Popups (I use Sumo and Convertkit)
  • Use Pinterest to promote your freebie
  • Add a Call to Action in the banner of your Facebook blog page or group
  • Opt-ins (shown in this post)
  • Sharing a landing page to your opt-in on social media – definitely ask your social media followers to sign up to your list too.
  • Promote your freebie on Facebook promo days
  • Webinars

Another way you can use opt-ins is to offer them on a landing page. A page dedicated to one purpose, either collecting and email address or selling a product. Landing pages work great at converting subscribers. Here You can see my landing page for How To Navigate WordPress . Also remember, direct people back to a page to gather emails, rather than just to your home page.

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To learn Blogging TIPS:

20 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging can be overwhelming especially in the beginning when you have no clue what to write about or where to go after you have written your 1st blog post. And building traffic takes time and work, but the KEY is to be consist and don’t give up! These 20 ways can help you get more traffic to your site in no time!

20 killer tips to driving more traffic to your site

  1. Share your content on Facebook, and ask friends and family to share it on their page as well. You can also join group boards on here as well to share your content on.
  2. Blog consistently.
  3. Get on Pinterest and create great pin’s  about your blog and join group boards.
  4. Deliver killer content.
  5. Guest post on someone else’s blog.
  6. Respond to comments and emails. Get involved in people’s lives. Show them you care.
  7. Write attractive headlines.
  8. Use photos.
  9. Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
  10. Organize your posts with lists and subheads.
  11. Be a resource.
  12. Write stuff people will want to link to.
  13. Be Helpful, people like to read things that can help them or solve a problem if you can do this then they will tell more than 1 person about your blog or site.
  14. Be Funny.
  15. Ask questions, see what their biggest issue is or obstacle and answer it on a blog post.
  16. Make a podcast, talking is a lot faster than typing this is also good for when your low on time.
  17. Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
  18. Optimize your site for search engines.
  19. Have internal links to other related blog posts.
  20. Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.

We all as bloggers get stuck at times and need help especially if your a new blogger! I hope these 20 powerful tips on getting more traffic to your blog help you like they have helped me.

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How To Use WordPress When Starting Your Website

Are you new to WordPress and not quite sure how to add a new page or post to your website?   I have made a 3-part tutorial called How to Navigate WordPress the courses are on how to add a page, post and a Table using Table Press to your website. Table Press is a great way to help you stay organized on a blog post or pages on your website by giving you rows and columns to help you make the perfect table so your readers can see your item’s or topic’s neatly.

Adding a page to WordPress using Beaver Builder Theme:

Just a little bit about Pages they are direct links to the navigation bar in the header, footer and sidebar.

When starting it’s a good idea to get the basic pages set up, so when you have visitors visiting your site they know about your site and you. I would start off with making these first then go from there.

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog Page or pages
  • Sign up page

 First things first need to sign into your WordPress account. After you have logged in you should be at your Dashboard.

From your dashboard to the +New at the top then scroll down and click Pages. This will bring you to your first page.

By clicking the yellow or black buttons below they will take you to the tutorials on adding a page/ blog post and working with Table Press on WordPress. You will need to Enroll in the course “How To Navigate WordPress“.

Adding a POST to WordPress using Beaver Builder Theme:

Just a little bit about posts they are individual articles on specific topics.

To add a NEW post go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New in the left sidebar. Or you can hover over the “+ New” link at the top of your screen and scroll down to  “Post”.

To learn More CLICK BELOW

To see more on how to add a Post to WordPress click the Yellow and or Black Button enroll in the “How to Navigate WordPress”

How to add a Table with Table Press

If you are wanting to embed beautiful and feature-rich tables into your posts and pages then your in the right place! I will teach you step by step how to add a table to your post or pages in WordPress just like the one below!!

1st thing 1st your going to need to add Table Press as a Plugin from your Dashboard. From your Dashboard go to Plugin>Add New>Search- Table Press

When Table Press shows up in your Dashboard then click on Table Press>Add New Table

To learn more CLICK BELOW

Hope you enjoy my mini course tutorials on How To Navigate WordPress .

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How to Make a Blog and Make Money

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Thriving Business

20 Ways to get More Traffic to your Blog

Beginners Guide To: Building your Email List

How to Make a Blog and Make Money

Are you wondering how to start a blog ? Well here are 6 simple step by step instructions on how to start a blog.

1st Step- Setting up your blog

You will need two things when first starting this, a blogging platform & hosting.

Hosting makes your blog live online. Bluehost is very inexpensive with their Basic plan being only $2.75 a month! Bluehost and WordPress are both things you need to get your site up and running and it’s simple to use and comes with a money-back guarantee. You can get a discount if you use the links below and I’ll get a commission because they are my referral links.

To Get started, click here to go to Bluehost. Then click the green “Get Started” Button.

Choose the plan that fits you best, I personally like the “Choice Plus Plan” because it has more unlimited features and the BIG thing is it’s only $5.45 a month AND has Domain privacy.  I highly recommend Domain privacy  because this keeps your private information from the public.

After you choose your plan then its time to create your account and input your billing info and then Congratulations your done with the 1st step to setting up your blog.

Note: If you entered a New domain at the beginning it takes 24 hours to become fully registered.

2nd Step- Beginnings of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform by far and for a great reason too. Whether your just starting or been blogging for years WordPress has a large number of users who share tools and ideas.

Once you have opened WordPress, you will see your Dashboard. It will look something like this:

One thing I would want to add right away is Yoast SEO, “Search Engine Optimization” why would you want this? Well because when people are searching for topics and you have a blog about what they are looking for the Search Engine is more likely to send them to your site. MORE traffic to your SITE !!!!

Another one I would look into getting is Beaver Builder, I use this theme and it helped a lot and saved me a lot of time when making my pages and blogs. You can search this in your plugins.

Or if you would like to Learn more about Beaver Builder click here.

You have to activate your plugins Yoast SEO should come Free but the Beaver Builder does cost a little money. It is worth it to have your site look professional.

To activate a plugin, in WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Click on  “Activate” under the plugin name.

3rd Step- What is your blog about?

I am sure by now you have thought about what you want to blog about. Here are somethings to think about:

  •  Blog about something your passionate about and something that you are excited to write about . If you aren’t excited about you’re topic, then it will show in your writing and who wants to write about something they aren’t passionate or excited about anyway right?
  • Make sure you are Blogging about a topic that has plenty of room for discussion. A blog should have a lot of content to remain interesting.
  • Choose a niche or topic  in which you can establish yourself. There will be topics you write about that don’t do so good and there will be some that take off. Main thing to think about is it takes time to see what your readers like. So be you and be unique and stay positive, the goal for all bloggers is to have the go to topic.

4th Step- How to publish your main pages

In WordPress you have two main things to publish Pages and Post.

Pages are direct links to the navigation bar in the header, footer and sidebar.

Posts are individual articles on specific topics.

When starting it’s a good idea to get the basic pages set up, so when you have visitors visiting your site they know about your site and you. I would start off with making these first then go from there.

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog Page or pages
  • Sign up page

On my home page I also included my about page as well. You can see what my HOME PAGE looks like HERE.

A static homepage provides a overview of the site and includes a link to the blog “where the posts are listed”.

If your current theme makes your blog posts show up on your homepage, but you want to use a static page instead, make these adjustments:

First, create the page you want to serve as your homepage. To do this, go to Pages > Add New.

Tile your page and then write your content under it, Publish your home page at the top right corner.

 Then from your Dashboard go to Settings > Reading. Under “Your homepage displays” choose the “A static page” button and select the page you just created from the dropdown menu.  Click Save once you have made these changes.

If your home page is static page then you will need a main page for your blog post to be in. To do this go to Pages > Add New. Title it “Blog”then click publish.

Your about page is about you and your site, letting the reader know little bit about you and what your blog is about.

The contact page doesn’t have to be fancy it can be a page that lets your readers be able to contact you. Or you can direct them to social media pages where they can also contact you. Click here to see my Contact Page.

Having a sign up page is a great thing to have when your trying to get visitors to get on your email list. Working from the very beginning on setting this up and getting as many people to your email list by offering them a eBook or a free printable or a mini course for signing up. This also helps you in the future for making money.

Here is what my Sign Up Page looks like.

5th Step- Writing your first post

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your first post, type your main topic or niche into Google and see what others have written. Don’t copy what they write but try and write it better than they did. You want your reader wanting to know more about what your blogging about. Making sure you have strong content that are facts.

To add a NEW post go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New in the left sidebar. Or you can hover over the “+ New” link at the top of your screen and scroll down to  “Post”.

Titling your post to what people will search for example if someone was going to google How to make a blog then your blog post will come up.

Also adding Pictures, videos, PDF’s to your post to make it more interesting. Readers can relate more when they can look at a picture or video along with your content. “Be sure you aren’t violating someone’s copyright to a picture or video”.

Adding links to your post, by highlight the text you want to be the link and click the chain link in the formatting options box. A popup will appear where you can paste the URL of the page you want linked. If you want the link to open in a new window, click the 3 dots and slide the switch over until the box turns yellow.

Selecting a category or categories on the right side of your screen, you will have the option to select or add new categories to your post. Categories are used to define the general topics on your blog. They also provide a basic structure or a way  for your content to be more organized.

When you are done writing, hit the Preview button in the top right of your screen to see what your post will look like. Then when everything looks good you will publish your post on the top right corner of your screen.  

6th Step- How to get traffic to your site and make money

The biggest way to get traffic to your site is to have great content! Making sure what your writing is legit and on point. Do your research when you write your post. And make sure that your keywords on your permalink are as close to the way someone would search for your content on Google. Also Social media is great for getting traffic. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all can help you grow your site and get more traffic flow.  Adding yourself to support groups for your niche can also get you in the loop of what’s NEW to write about and what is trending NOW. Facebook has a lot of support groups and Pinterest can tell you what are the current trends now that can help you in your blog post.   

Building your email list as soon as possible! Why? Because when you have a email list of your subscribers it makes it easier to get traffic and make money on your site. Instead of having to wait on people to buy your eBook or your How To tutorial you are promoting, you can use your email list of subscribers / readers you can pitch this to first. You can also get there feed back on the content your writing, if they liked it or not or what they want to know more of. You can base the responses off what you blog about next.

There are different ways you can make money from blogging, the most common is affiliate marketing this is where you are promoting a product in your blog post and when readers click on the link or ad you are promoting you get a commission. “This can take time until you have a lot of traffic coming to your site”   Many beginner bloggers do virtual assistance, which is making there own products and using their blog to get clients for the services they are providing. You can make your own eBook or How To tutorials or printables and worksheets on your tutorials.

Blogging takes a lot of dedication and hard work when you’re first starting off. It can take up to a year or maybe even two to get going to where you can make a full time income from your site. There will be times where you feel like nothing is going right and you just want to give up, BUT DONT ! Take a day or two to relax and then start back again with a clear mind set of “I GOT THIS” and my working hard NOW “in the beginning” WILL pay off in the end!  

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Turn your Blog into a Thriving Business

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Beginners Guide To: Building Your Email List

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Thriving Business

Are you looking for ways to turn your blog into a thriving business? These 10 steps are the best ways to creating a successful and profitable blog.  

1.Blog Consistently– publish a post every week. Stay consistent keep in touch with readers every week, either through a new post, video or tips to my subscribers.

2.What problem are you solving? – when you’re starting a blog make sure you know What problem you are solving? Make sure that you know who your audience is and what you’re providing for them. And how are you helping them?

3.Grow your email list –  grow your email list from day one. It will be slow in the beginning and it can get overwhelming but stay positive! Trying different freebies to get people to sign up to your email list this could be a PDF that helps solve your reader’s main problems quickly. For example, a worksheet to help your reader on how to save money or a checklist on signs your child is being bullied or IS the bully. These types of freebies are used as incentives, so people give their email address to you. When you have enough people in your email list you can ask them directly what they are struggling with and how you can help them.

Creating a Printable / worksheet like these and promoting them so people will subscribe to your email list.

4. Create a product– When you have 3 or 4 blog posts and when you see your email list starting to grow. Talking to your subscribers and asking them what would make their life better. From their feedback, that’s how you know what type of product to create. You can start with a small eBook that you can charge 15.00 – 20.00 dollars for. Something that will help your reader in solving their main problem step by step. If your eBook does really good, make it into a course.

5. Valuable Information- If the information you post is very useful content then the more readers you will attract and it’s also more likely they will become regular readers.

6. Asking for and Respond to Comments- Ask your readers to share their opinions in your comments on your post. And when they say something even if it’s not the same viewpoint as your own, respond to their comments and at least acknowledging them.

7. Make it simple to Subscribe- putting your subscription options in an easy place to find. Having a pop up or putting it at the end of your blog post or in the side bar. Places that stand out to the reader, if they can’t see it then, how can they subscribe?

8. Promote and Share you’re blog posts – Sharing links to your blog in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest are great ways to promote your posts. You can also send a weekly newsletter to your email list and tell them at the end of your email what is coming up next week so they know what to look forward to. Also encourage people to click through your website for other great content you have along with your new post.

9. Make money from affiliate marketing- Amazon affiliate is one that I use, If you  promote products from Amazon, make sure that they are high quality and helpful to your audience. Make sure you are also picking affiliates that will help your reader. Others you can try are Click Bank , CJ affiliate.

10. Stay patient, Stay positive, Stay passionate- The most important thing to remember when you’re at the early stages of blogging is to stay positive. It is very easy to get discouraged when it seems like nothing is working that you are doing, it will trust me it will.  And be patient with all the hard work you’re doing everyday, it will pay off in the end and you will be able to work from home doing what you love and are passionate about – blogging !

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