Beginners Guide To: Building your Email List

Are you asking yourself what is a email list and why do I need it when starting a blog? Well Starting and building your email list is one of the most important things you can do when starting your blog. And this is where people who like your site enough to sign up and give you their email address. Your mail list are your future customers, your future friends, and potentially future blogging partners. In this beginners guide I will tell you all the ways to build your email list. So let’s jump right in!

How Often Do You Email Your Mail List?

Check in on them weekly, send them amazing advice and tips, help them, educate them, send them gifts. Then when you ask for a favor (or sell your product) they will already have a relationship with you and help you.

When Do You Start Emailing Your List?

If you only have ten people on your email list, still reach out to them! Send them a quick welcome email. Ask them how they found your site. Ask them how you can help them. Even if you get one response, you’ll start to build a relationship with that one person.

You have a Gmail account to send emails ? That will work in the beginning to send email’s to your list. Just remember to BCC the email addresses when you send an email to a large list (this hides the emails from everyone on the list). You don’t want everyone’s email to be visible.

What Can you use Besides Gmail to Email Your List?


Mailchimp and Convertkit are two of my favorites, but they both can do different things. Mailchimp you can bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform. It is FREE until you get 2,000 subscribers.


With Convertkit Make a living doing work you love. Grow your audience to grow your income Your email list is your biggest asset. With Convert Kit, it’s easy to customize and embed forms on your website to turn casual readers into subscribers. Don’t have a website? You can build a landing page to start growing your list today. Increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal Our visual automations tool makes email marketing simple. With your funnels laid out on the screen you will always know where your subscribers are and can start to understand how they act. We connect to the best tools to help you build your business We focus on being the best at email marketing and then build great integrations with e-commerce, landing page, membership site providers, and more. And with over 80 integrations, you’re sure to find the right tools for your business.

Examples of Emails you can Send to your Readers

  • Optins
  • An email course
  • Your newest blog post
  • A welcome series
  • Weekly tip
  • Survey or just a personal email with a few questions

Optin and Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Opt-ins, are also known as freebies or lead magnets, act as little gifts in exchange for the reader to subscribe to your email list.

Below is a list of different types of optin you can give to your reader in exchange for their email address.

  • Cheat sheet
  • How to video
  • Short ebook
  • Printables
  • Checklist
  • Calendar
  • Spreadsheets
  • Coupon

Get access below to receive these 10 printables.

How To Grow Your Email List

Silver Macbook Pro
  • Popups (I use Sumo and Convertkit)
  • Use Pinterest to promote your freebie
  • Add a Call to Action in the banner of your Facebook blog page or group
  • Opt-ins (shown in this post)
  • Sharing a landing page to your opt-in on social media – definitely ask your social media followers to sign up to your list too.
  • Promote your freebie on Facebook promo days
  • Webinars

Another way you can use opt-ins is to offer them on a landing page. A page dedicated to one purpose, either collecting and email address or selling a product. Landing pages work great at converting subscribers. Here You can see my landing page for How To Navigate WordPress . Also remember, direct people back to a page to gather emails, rather than just to your home page.

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