12 Amazing Tips on Getting Your Kids Up and to School on Time

As summer is ending and those school mornings are drawing nearer and nearer. The thought of rushing out the door to make it to school and work on time, or  the whining that they aren’t getting to wear their favorite night shirt to school , or arguing with them about what they can and can’t wear to school, is like a future nightmare waiting to happen for some. But to save you of that crazy nightmare these 12 amazing tips will help you and your kids be prepared along with getting on a great schedule that will get everybody out the door smoothly!

Choose outfits the night before.

Arguments over what they can and can’t wear will be resolved the night before, no use in fighting over clothes at 7 am and going to work and school in a mood.

Have a designated spot for all their stuff.

If kids know where to store their backpacks, jackets, and shoes as soon as they get home, they won’t have to rush around the next morning trying to collect it all again. Try these stick-on hooks for everything they work numbers and help keep me and my family organized!

Get the kids to bed on time.

When kids go to bed early like 8:30 or 9 (depending on their age, my daughter is 12) she wakes up the next morning cheerful and in a good mood. When she goes to bed later than 9, I noticed she never wants to get up and is groggy and grumpy. Getting your kids to bed where they get 8 hours of good rest is beneficial to them being able to stay on task at school and not wanting to fall asleep in class.

Prepare the night before.

 I make time after my daughter is asleep to making her lunch and preparing whatever else I need to so the next morning is a breeze.

Stay on top of signatures.

Avoid last-minute scrambling by asking kids about permission slips, tests, or reports cards the night before. Making a family inbox for important paperwork so anything you need to see will get to your attention easily with out the digging through backpacks the next morning.

Start a family calendar.

Field trips won’t sneak up on you if the day’s events are posted right on the fridge.

Let your kids pick an alarm clock.

When my daughter started the 4th grade, I let her pick out her own alarm clock to get her ready to start learning to tell the time and get her ready to get up on her own in the mornings for school. This helped her on getting on a schedule in the mornings all though there was times I was her 2nd alarm clock when she would hit the snooze button.

Kids should get themselves ready.

When my daughter started the 1st grade she started dressing herself and brushing her own teeth along with brushing her hair, I helped with putting it in a ponytail and she picked out the bow. Having her do all this before I got to her hair allowed me to have this extra time to get ready for work.

Speed things up with music.

On the days my daughter just didn’t want to move out of the bed I would play music softly at first and then gradually go louder and louder. And if she continued to play dead, I would kiss her all over her face and tickle her until I knew she was fully awake. A little loving from mommy never fails!

Keep breakfast simple.

Most mornings my daughter is slurping up a bowl of cereal or munching on a piece of toast or having something else quick like waffles in the toaster or pop tarts.

Put together an emergency pack.

For mornings when we’re running late, you can put an emergency pack together or make a kit for in front of your child’s seat. In it, you can include a sports bar, hairbrush, barrettes, and a few dollars so the kids can buy their lunches at school if you didn’t have time to pack them.

Taking breaks.

On the weekends my daughter and I love to sleep in and I let  her stay up a little later Friday nights and Saturday nights then we get back to our routine on Sunday evening.

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