50 Activities Kids Can Do During The Summer

Well, school is out and summer is here. . . It’s that time to find things to keep the kids busy so they aren’t stuck in front of the TV or telling you “I’m Bored”!!! So I put together this list of 50 different activities for the kids and you to do together so everyone can stay busy and happy all summer long (and it’s also budget friendly to!).


  1. Make your own Bleach T-Shirts
  2. Make homemade edible play-dough
  3. Make your own treasure hunt-Make a map (burn the edges to make it look like an old pirate map) and show how to get to the “treasure”.
  4. Decorate your bikes and have a bike parade.
  5. Make a lemonade stand
  6. Build a fort in your house out of blankets and tell ghost stories inside of it.
  7. Call your grandparents and interview them about when they were your age. Share the information that you found out with your family at dinner.
  8. Have a Family Game Night and play board games or charades.
  9. Make your own kite
  10. Make your own glow in the dark slime
  11. Go to a Farmer’s Market.
  12. Sidewalk foam paint
  13. Make a bird feeder.
  14. Play hide and seek in the dark.
  15. Visit a splash park.
  16. Squirt gun water painting-With watercolor paper, watercolors, an easel, and a squirt gun, you can paint when you shoot! The easel is to help clip the paper while you shoot.
  17. Visit your local lake/beach.
  18. Go to the movies.
  19. Have a bike wash or for older kids a car wash.
  20. For older kids they can making a dog walking service.
  21. Have a tea party.
  22. Go to your local swimming pool.
  23. Experiment with new hairdos.
  24. Make a garden and plant flowers.
  25. Let the kids cook dinner.
  26. Host the kids’ friends for a sleepover.
  27. Go to a museum that you’ve never been to before.
  28. Decorate your walkways with chalk. 
  29. Go to the drive-in movie.
  30. Show the kids science is fun
  31. Teach the kids a game you haven’t played since you were a kid.
  32. Visit a historic house.
  33. Go for bike rides.
  34. Paddle a kayak or a canoe.
  35. Build a Lego castle.
  36. Find a free concert near you.
  37. Have breakfast in bed. Take turns being the server and the served.
  38. Keep a sketch diary.
  39. Take lessons together. Cooking, yoga, tennis, music, etc.
  40. Go to a flea market or garage sale.
  41.  No bake cookies
  42. Make “smores.” Chocolate + marshmallow + graham crackers
  43.  Window ART
  44. Cereal Box Self-Portrait
  45.  ICE chalk
  46. Homemade wind chimes
  47. Ocean in a Bottle
  48. Camp out under the stars. Grab a book from your library all about constellations and see what you can find!
  49. Have a water balloon fight.
  50. Make your own glow in the dark mason jar

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